• Predictive Marketing and Broadcast Analytics

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  • Predictive Marketing Analytics

Predictive Marketing Analytics

Powerful Predictive Marketing Algorithms for hire – Algorithm as a Service
Full stack Predictive Marketing Analytics deployed and maintained at scale – Analytics as a Service

  • DnA Modern Predictive Marketing algorithms gives you fast and accurate results – Algorithm as a Service
  • SAS, RapidMiner, KNIME, Adobe, SalesForce, etc. compatibility and data connections
  • Tableau, Qlik, Spotfire visualization to support the perfect understanding and story behind your data

Modular concept to deliver optimal output for your business lightning fast with minimal hassle and measurable return on marketing investment

Sharpen your competitive edge within days
Shortened DnA Algorithm time to market

Instant impact, measurable ROI, several mini projects instead of multi-million super-plan – DnA strategy utilizes dozens of smaller Predictive Analytics projects so you can see and measure the results, get prepared to the next level without losing your momentum

Improve now your current marketing strategy and practice with DnA Predictive Marketing Analysis

Prescriptive Marketing Solutions:

The next level of your success in Marketing strategy and tactics

Combining predictive marketing solutions usually creates a prescriptive marketing analytics approach: your prosperous journey will propel you to the top among your competitors since you are not only able to make the right decisions but you’ll be able to optimize the related actions effortlessly. DnA Consultants will explain the DnA prescriptive marketing analytics process and tailor made some solutions to your business.

Broadcast Media Analytics


Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Engines

Proactive and intelligent gut feeling for professionals – Win now !

Maximize your expertise impact: vital alternatives are backed up with real time figures, no more guessing while the final decision is yours

Media Advanced Analytics by large:

  • Based on data and statistical magic
  • Predictive: tells you the future (listenership figures, audience preferences, new song reception, ad efficiency, content penetration, …)
  • Prescriptive: how to act optimal to reach your goal (where to place the ad & which one, when to play a song & date to bury, how to increase your listenership, fields to compete with the other guys, which story to choose during PM drive, …)
  • All derived from big data, even real time and customized to your needs

DnA consultancy and support guide your journey through data driven insights to best actions

Your Content & Program Director will love this! Join DnA Confident Decision Maker Club: the Broadcast Analytics system recommends the best actions and needs your expertise to optimize the outcome.

Broadcast Media – Analytics as a Service

Radio Analytics: integrated with your production system: MusicMaster, RCS Selector & GSelector, PowerGold

Content Analytics: proactively serve your audience at best – or at least better than anyone else: branding efficiency, trending topics, packaging, time to publicize, remarketing

Predictive marketing analytics and prescriptive marketing journey at Data & Analytics seems pretty interesting, huh?