About _Data & Analytics_

About Data & Analytics

Predictive analytics company - marketing and media specialization

Data & Analytics focused to deliver predictive marketing analytics, solutions, algorithms and anything between.
DnA Broadcast Media Analytics solutions enables media companies to compete smarter via leveraging their data.

Who is Who? Data & Analytics leadership:

Jorg Sorenson CEO, Founder (Chief Hurry Officer) – signs papers and master in cutting deadlines

Robert Anson, Founder (Chief Questioning Officer) – MBA in losing signed papers

Andreas Wolf CTO (Chief Praying Officer) – Agile, Scrum, Hurry, Implement, Develop – loop

Susan Navarro CFO (Chief Banking Officer) – “No”

Antal Sofalvy CDO (Chief Home Officer ) – Head of a never appearing Data Science Team

Helen McNamara CMO (Chief Charming Officer) – Puts and Sells Anything in Funnel Pixie

Do you have time to write some nice words?

Sarah Henn (Customer Service) – shenn(at)datananalytics.com

Want to meet the team?

Spend London Heathrow 6 consecutive daylight hours on any workday and you’ll have 59% chance to meet one Data & Analytics Team member.
Neat, huh?

DnA Trivia


Number of Algorithms in service
Petabytes / week processed by DnA Algorithms
days typical time to uncover new actionable insights
revenue gained at Clients via DnA insights (median)

Data & Analytics Team 2016. – Proud member of Top Predictive Analytics Companies 2017
NoteĀ  -This page has not been updated after the Exit in 2017.