From SAS to RapidMiner - _Marketing Analytics_

From SAS to RapidMiner - Marketing Analytics

Migrate from SAS to RapidMiner – Cheapen your Predictive Marketing processes

Migrate from SAS usually originates from economic advantages namely the cost of licensing and the complexities of the contract.

Typically the idea of migrating off SAS appears to be a very scary project. Getting rid of SAS at every business area at once is different approach – DnA specialized just onto (predictive and prescriptive) marketing solutions and this part goes well.

On RapidMiner

This flexible and comprehensive predictive analytical platform perfectly suits to several predictive marketing needs. RapidMiner has a growing community crowd (200 000 +) of data scientists and data savvy analysts so they are ready to utilize their knowledge almost immediately. Moreover RapidMiner has up to date features like handling big data streams flawlessly.

Migration considerations

Honestly the path from SAS to RapidMiner proven one with several obstacles to overcome:

  • size of the data to be analysed – DnA Analytics as a Service
  • psychological barriers: currently handful of highly experienced users primarily focused on analyses and generating visualizations of those analyses – DnA Trainings
  • SAS coding practice: much cloning of existing programs, small changes in existing code to create variations of analyses; this SAS code-cloning practice burgeoned into a vast junkyard of code – DnA Algorithm as a Service
  • and of course turning current models into RapidMiner processes – DnA Process as a Service

In case of Marketing Analytics reducing SAS licences can be manifested within months. The migration from SAS takes 3 months up – depending on the size of the challenge and the organization engagement & approach. Savings can be manifested well before the full migration – DnA helps to demonstrate your ROI even during transformation phase.

Big Data & requirements

Analysts usually concerned about the performance of RapidMiner versus SAS for big data and analytics flow so instruction in using RapidMiner is also put in place.  Therefore we organize training classes to demonstrate the opportunities and the projected outcome. DnA establishes a plan to educate company analysts in the new methods. As a result DnA RapidMiner Predictive Marketing solution promised to be a superior alternative to the existing SAS Marketing.

Some SAS data sets possibly needed to be converted in order to be able to access and analyse it using RapidMiner. Usually the rationalization reduce the storage needed into half (or even to 20%) of original. RapidMiner can read SAS through a native operator.

Be warned when this transformation will evolve into a part of a top management priority then the pressure can kill the optimal gradual conversion model and agile approach.

Moving your Predictive Marketing from SAS to RapidMiner

From SAS to Rapidminer - D&A LCA (Latent Class Analysis) Operator

As the RapidMiner predictive analytics platform has grown in capability and popularity, so have the number of organizations planning to migrate to it from proprietary tools like SAS. DnA process to support Companies in their transitions from SAS to RapidMiner with their Marketing and Predictive Analytics typically involves the following steps:

Analyze who should DnA migrate to

current marketing solutions, processes, Client profile, common (well known) issues, distinctive factors and users. Identify the goals and the benefits of the migration; certainly the goal is not implementing RapidMiner but lowering SAS licensing costs and complexity – so DnA evaluates accordingly.

Motivate people to support migration

find company fits, DnA turnkey & easy to adapt solutions (Algorithm as a Service, Process as a Service), budget considerations, future possibilities, platform advantages, personal and professional growth opportunities, popularity and a lot of other factors.

Involvement, Training and excessive documentation

both the trainings and the training material is personalized, DnA SAS environment knowledge applied into RapidMiner enables converting current analyst knowledge rather than simply starting everything from scratch. RapidMiner is a quick to learn visualized predictive analytical platform and easy to interpret its processes.

Delegated in-house support

DnA training around AaaS and PaaS, in-house experts trained to act as a consultant to others; adapt to current user work style and process flow. Current users of SAS Enterprise Miner will face a similar RapidMiner interface.

Gradual migration approach and involvement

one step at a time with continuous feedback and control. Additionally during these transformation projects the final RapidMiner process includes several innovative methods and improvements. Clients’ Data Scientist and Analyst brainpower manifested into these newly recreated models and analytics. New approaches can be tested and manifested – not just the turnkey DnA Algorithms.

Company fit and competitive advantage

Moving marketing analytics from SAS to RapidMiner can be perfect for mid-sized companies, where the migration process does not endangers the everyday operations meanwhile sufficient resources can be allocated and delegated to the platform change.

Free up your innovative energy: easy experimenting around data and models with RapidMiner, your team will love the flexibility and clear / explainable process flow and model visualization. Let the results speak for themselves!

D&A Solutions and Services – Migrate SAS to RapidMiner – Data & Analytics 2016-17.

Latent Class Analysis Rapidminer Operator is available exclusively for DnA Clients in AaaS construction