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Content development with Media Entertainment Prescriptive Analytics answers:

  • How to create compelling content that will be consumed better than the competitors’
  • How will your tomorrow program will be better than it was today
  • What are the most engaging topics your presenters have to speak about
  • How to speak about them: what content, what order
  • What do you have to share on Social and when
  • What are currently the best elements of your programme
  • and 200 more attributes

DnA Broadcast Media Analytics and Entertainment Prescriptive Analytics engine has the answers.

Radio Analytics, Programming & Streaming Prescriptive Analytics shows:

  • Which songs to play or offered in your Music Scheduler during scheduling
  • Which songs are not performing – and why?
  • Unsuccessful constellations – where songs are not performing at best?
  • Unearth emerging listening habits
  • What about new songs performance? New insertion prediction(s) and best placing algorithm
  • Competitor analyses: what they are doing and how to cold them
  • Music Burn: eliminate drawbacks – rotate the songs with best impact
  • + 140 other possibilities

DnA becomes the best friend of your Program Director. And your purse.

Programmatic engine – real time big data analytics to determine and optimize:

  • Where to place ad breaks – optimize both listenership and advert impact
  • Optimized order of messages
  • Which ad mutation to place
  • Native advertising parameters – placement, content, form
  • etc 🙂

Fave of Agencies – and your Sales. DnA loves synergy

DnA Broadcast Media Analytics provides flexibility and offers customization to match your operation in the era of fast changing media environment and diversity of client needs.

Broadcast media analytics: radio analysis story


Scary start for a Board Meeting when the Chairman of the Board is shouting this – however if you just lost your No1 position against a “Secondary Scum Kit” and some LabRats [Thanks!] it is understandable. To cut a long story short our Broadcast Media Client won the radio market in 6 months so The Big Company slipped to No2 and the Era of Golden Ages just passed by for them… Such is Life.

Prescriptive Broadcast Media Analytics is a powerful thing. And you just have to have some business acumen – and some data of course – however we’ll help to collect that data pretty quick, too.

D&A Broadcast Media Analytics Team 2015-19. – Applied Radio analytics